Loins, Boneless: IMPS/NAMP 331, 332, 344, 344A

Chuck, Bone-In/Boneless: IMPS/NAMP 1309, 1309A, 308, 309, 309B, 309D, 309G, 310, 310A, 310B, 310C, 311

Short Ribs: IMPS/NAMP 323

Breast: IMPS/NAMP 313, 314

Foreshank: IMPS/NAMP 312

Rib Chops: IMPS/NAMP 1306, 1306A, 1306B, 1306C, 1306D, 1306E, 306, 306A, 306B, 306C, 306D, 306E

Loin Chops: IMPS/NAMP 1332

Loins, Short Tenderloin: IMPS/NAMP 347

Ground Veal: IMPS/NAMP 396

Veal for Stewing/Kabobs: IMPS/NAMP 1300, 1301, 307, 395, 395A

Cutlets: IMPS/NAMP 1336, 1349A

Chefs are redefining the veal cutlet, a cut that is the basis of the most traditional veal dishes, including Veal Scallopini, Veal Marsala, Veal Saltimbocca, Veal Piccata and Wiener Schnitzel. For a contemporary Asian take, slightly thicker cutlets can be grilled and served with pineapple fried rice

Leg, Top Round: IMPS/NAMP 349, 349A

For an interpretation of the classic Veal Paupiette, veal top round can be sliced, rolled with pancetta and parsley, then roasted. The top round can also be made into cutlets.

Leg, Butt Tenderloin: IMPS/NAMP 346, 346A

Robust veal medallions are cut from the butt tenderloin. Pounded flat or left thick, medallions are a terrific canvas for highlighting signature sauces.

Osso Bucco: IMPS/NAMP 1312, 1337

Most commonly cut from the hindshank | IMPS/NAMP 1337, osso buco can also be cut from the foreshank | IMPS/NAMP 1312. For tenderness, osso buco requires slow braising. The center bone provides flavor and produces gelatin that helps bind sauces. Traditionally, osso buco is served with gremolata — a garnish of chopped parsley, garlic and grated lemon zest. For a Moroccan twist, serve osso buco over couscous with chickpeas, and golden raisins. Flavor with cilantro, cumin, cinnamon and citrus zest.

This item may be prepared from Item Nos. 312 or 337. The hindshank or foreshank shall be cut into widths specified by the purchaser. The slices shall be cut approximately parallel to the bone length so as to display a cross section surface at least 75% lean on each side.

Hindshank: IMPS/NAMP 337

Veal hindshank can be rubbed with herbs and cooked. Excellent for braising, osso buco is cut from the hindshank.

Leg, Boneless: IMPS/NAMP 335, 336, 352, 363, 363A, 363B

A leg roast can be cooked unattended for several hours, freeing up precious labor in the kitchen. Leg roast makes a wonderful hot entree, or can be sliced and served cold for veal sandwiches.

Leg, Bone-In: IMPS/NAMP 334